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Hi! My name is Aida

2018 and 2019, were particularly challenging years for me. I lost my way with a lot of things, with what I always believed in and, although the external shell always shown a very tough character, inside...I had lost the light that always made me feel so alive and Unique. Meditation gave me back the ability to appreciate life and wanting to be part of a higher propose! The call to help others just kept increasing! I then found Yoga and became a teacher, became a Spiritual Life Coach and a Crystal Healer. My energy shaped me into the person I am today, so I can help others achieve so much within themselves. 

With time, and meeting so many different people along the way, I realised that each individual's route to stillness is different, so I am starting to add other types of classes to the mix. The most recent one being Bungee Fitness! These are so much fun and an amazing way to burn calories, without even realising your are exercising!

Fast forwarding a bit, 2021 started with a slight hiccup (this is me keeping positive!). It started with the loss of our first baby. As a way of therapy and to try and focus on something positive, I started making Soy Wax Candles. They turned out to be so cute and amazing, that I decided to share them with YOU too!!!! 

Come join me on this journey and try the Routed Stillness candles... A bit of love from my home to yours. 

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