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A holiday charity bazaar for the benefit

I started making candles as a way to create some quality headspace following the loss of our.  I have been able take my pain and grief, and transform it into something beautiful and meaningful. Each candle has a positive affirmation, is made with love, positive thoughts and wishing that it puts a smile to the faces of each person that receives it. I believe that they will, and this will have a ripple effect on those surrounding them – the Law of attraction says “What you feel, you attract”. So, if you smile and feel happy, you attract happiness to you and your loved ones.  


I will be donating £0.50/candle sold to Sands, via Work for Good so other grieving parents can continue receiving valuable support.

Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) is the UK's leading stillbirth and neonatal death charity. For over 40 years, Sands has been the informed voice of bereaved parents and families, and provided accredited bereavement and mental health support.


Sands exists to:

  1. support anyone affected by the death of a baby for as long as they need

  2. work in partnership with healthcare professionals, NHS and Governments to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care

  3. promote improvements in practice, campaigns and research to help reduce the number of babies dying


Sands’ vision is to make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth by halving the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2025. Our ambition is to give every baby the best possible start to life, and every mother across the country, no matter what their background is or where they live, access to the best possible maternity care.


Although our ambition is high, we have a strong track record of success. Sands has helped lower baby deaths from 20 babies a day in 1978 to 14 in 2018, and is proud of its history of sector-wide policy, campaigns and multidisciplinary collaborations.


Bereavement support following the death of a baby is highly specialised. Our free bereavement support resources is vital to the mental health and wellbeing of bereaved parents and healthcare professionals. No other organisation provides dedicated bereavement support to individuals and families at point of need throughout their bereavement and grief journey, regardless of how long ago their baby died. Sands is there for them whether it is before they deliver, or many years later as they look back on their loss.

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